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TV Guidance Counselor Podcast

Dec 12, 2022

October 19-25, 1968

This week Ken welcomes author of The Twilight Zone Encyclopedia and host of the Podcast "Steven Jay Rubin's Saturday Night at the Movies", Steven Jay Rubin.

Ken and Steve discuss being in space, seeing the Twilight Zone for the first time, how 1968 is the sweet spot, not talking for a year, Night Gallery, the lack of product placement in the Twilight Zone, Combat, color TV, The Wild Wild West, writing for Cinefantastique, being a feature film publicist, working on Weekend at Bernie's II, working for Showtime, not knowing director's credits, Clark Gable films, being a contestant on The Joker's Wild, later writing for the Joker's Wild, being on Sale of the Century, taping old movies audio only on reel to reel, Once Upon a Time in Hollywood, growing up in LA, being a baseball fan, Get Smart!, the darkness of today's film, having never seen The Prisoner, Assault on a Queen, Fall Previews, Peyton Place, Laugh-In, Lancer, porpoise vs dolphin, actors in WWII, Russ Meyer being a still photographer on the Twilight Zone, Green Acres, The Olympics, competition shows, reality TV, Star Trek the original series, visiting film sets, Logan's Run, The Wonderful World of Disney, being on the Sony lot when Spielberg was directing Hook, The Entity, ghost hunting, Twilight Zone: The Movie, how The Twilight Zone doesn't work in color, Anne Frank's cat, and the amazing Sam Fuller.