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TV Guidance Counselor Podcast

Sep 5, 2022

April 30 - May 6, 1988

This week Ken welcomes comedian, violinist and co-host of the live show and now podcast "Boss Bitches", Rachel Green.

Ken and Rachel discuss the NYC/Boston rivalry, Rachel's realization she's a hardcore NYer by going to Boston for school, Landsdown St, Mama Kin, member's of the Celtics members, fights, Dr. Ruth, The Golden Girls, horny old ladies, Mae West in Sextets, Long Island, Goonies 2 The video game, Splash! Too, wet pillows, Hunter, cool/bad parents, shocking babysitters, the lost Facts of Life Eastland Academy series, Amen, childhood, 227, Murder She Wrote, Rachel's favorite Broadway role, Angela Lansbury, Shirly McClain, Puerto Rican Day Parade, The Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade, Cher straddling canons, local urban legends, living with Divorce, Beyond Thunderdome, Jack Tripper's balls, fashion tough guys, meathead NYC Comics, Dave Holmes, Beauty and the Beast, Loni Anderson in the Made For-TV Movie "Necessity", Louie Anderson, somewhat creepy photos, Jack and the Fatman, childhood snacks, divorcing your parents, hecklers, working late night shows, Knotts Landing, Max Headroom, Smoked fish fueled threesomes, dumb people, sexy comedians, The Land of Milk and Funny, Desperate Housewives, Dallas, V, The Highwaymen, Jocko as Jeddo, loving Mere Winningham, the Financial News Network, drama free Doctor shows for chicks and hating on clip shows.