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TV Guidance Counselor Podcast

Aug 8, 2022

February 7-13, 1976

This week Ken speaks with author of the new book "Barney Miller and the Files of the Ol' One-Two", Otto Bruno.

Ken and Otto discuss growing up in Buffalo, bonding with your dad over Barney Miller, second choices, working in radio, Ken and Otto's very different musical tastes, Danny Arnold, new characters, actors playing different characters on the same show, Jack Davis' drawing of the Barney Miller cast, press photos, Jack Soo's Motown lp, talking to Hal Linden, pinpointing when the audience disappeared, lasting five seasons, not cracking the top 30, TV taping tickets, being interested in neither the Olympics nor Rich Man Poor Man, Royal Dano, Lawrence Welk, looking at your own personal copy of TV Guide, the TV week free from the paper, Mary Tyler Moore, SCTV, Bob Hope, Sonny and Cher's solo shows, William Conrad, Orson Wells, freezers filled with frozen Howard Johnson Fried Clams and Friendlys Ice Cream, M*A*S*H, Dinah Shore Show, David Brenner, Robert Klein, Steve Martin, Albert Brooks, dumb humor vs smart humor, Chuck Jones' The Boy Who Was Raised by Wolves, Robert Loggia as Johnny Beer, Theater in America, Smarmy classic Burt Reynolds, Brad Dourif, why Frank Luger is Ken's favorite character, avoiding social issues, humanity, enamel pins, Badges, The Hollywood Museum, James Garner, Joe Dante, being left out of being a Monster Kid, film noir, and the weirdness of POV media in a pre video game world.