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TV Guidance Counselor Podcast

Jul 18, 2022

September 28 - October 6, 1985

This week Ken welcomes writer, director, martial artist and all around real life super hero Lexi Alexander to the show.

Ken and Lexi discuss the long road to this episode happening, being on the right side of things, the great hope of the internet, piracy, how the users can ruin a new technology, the conflict of finance and creativity, growing up in Germany and Jordan, moving to the U.S., being World Champion, being sponsored by Bill "Superfoot" Wallace and Chuck Norris, missing the pop culture of the country you grew up in, Air force bases, not understanding America until you actually live there, kickboxing, hate groups, people being different privately than in public, how white Boston is, Black Boston, where Reggae in America got it's start, nostalgia, Stranger Things, the toxicity of Hollywood, pitching things, getting fired from Batman, the dangers of contact lenses, whip chains, treating people right, Punisher: War Zone, avoiding conflict, when stunts go wrong, how so much content is bad for people, being outspoken, Shaw Brothers Theaters, Cynthia Rothrock, the weirdness of 1985, wig down, paint down, martial arts styles, why flying backfists are for assholes, Germans being stuck in the 80s, David Hasselhoff, only moving a little bit past the mullet, Misfits of Science, Scarecrow and Mrs. King, Hart to Hart, the love hate relationships with your home countries, children's programming, Christmas Specials, Doctor Who, bowling on TV, the rise of team sports on TV, fixing 80s toys, The Wedding Singer, novelty pens with floating elements, the bliss of childhood ignorance, Atomic Blonde, how difficult it is to look glam while fighting, The Fall Guy, Gen Xers, The A-Team, Beverly Hills 90210, The Cosby Show, Baywatch, how difficult it is to dub comedies in foreign languages, how episodes of shows can be movies in theaters, Lexi's unmade reboot of Baywatch, the downfall of post-apocalyptical wish fulfillment culture, why people in 2022 aren't down for environmental horrors, The Trigger Effect, government propaganda, how Vietnam effect media differently than the Gulf War(s), the Red Dawn remake, avoiding trauma in media, fixing watches and the mystery of TikTok.