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TV Guidance Counselor Podcast

Jul 25, 2022

Janury 16-22, 2006

This week Ken welcomes actor and comedian Gianmarco Soresi.

Ken and Gianmarco discuss the smells of NYC, heat, the Fung Wah bus, bus drivers doing bits, "it was a GUY!", Ellios vs Upper East Side Ellio's, going to NYC with your Dad, growing up in the DC area, how The Producers is pretty dirty for 8th Grade, being a child of divorce, South Park, party Dads, woods porn, wondering who is secretly a monster, sitcom set for life money, OJ Simpson's If I Did It, Lost, watching things weekly vs binging, Inside Dr. McDreamy's Trailer, Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip, The 700 Club vs. S Club 7, bad wifi in the bathroom, True Blood, 24 and the justification of torture, Homeland, lazy writing posing as progressiveness, Dave Chapelle's return at Aspen in 2006, Scrubs, Supernatural, Fear Factor, class action suits, 3M paying $40M, Will and Grace, gay sex, Glee, Jane Lynch, owning the corny, Rent, Spike TV Fresh Baked Video Games, Austin Powers, Benny Hill marathons, Inside the Actors Studio, Damon Waynes, Dorothy Hamel, LAPD fighting vampires, The Shield, and not rolling out old people who are too ill to be performing.