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TV Guidance Counselor Podcast

May 30, 2022

May 15-21, 1982

This week Ken welcomes old friend, and man behind the new comedy album "Midnight Oil", Jono Zalay.

Ken and Jono discuss when Jono lives in Boston, his PhD, surfboards, how Jono is a California guy, Marco Polo, hair, An American Family, TV the week Jono was born, Divorced Dad technology circa 1982, how much video recorders were, projection TVs, the fourth branch of government, how politics becoming entertainment is bad for us all, The Diceman, Gerri Jewell, our first stand up shows as an audience member, self deprecating roast jokes, Jono's heavy drinking, Marsha Warfield, Starship Trooper, Rollerball, Harold and Maude, Love Boat, mini-series, television events, Alice, Spaghetti Westerns, TV budgets, getting hooked on soaps, Puff the Magic Dragon, Australian Rules Football, the horror of submarines, depressing TV movies,  Country Emotions, immediate gratification, Nick Nolte, the plague of hypnosis, the Red Chinese, Hawaii, getting Japanese history wrong, Aliens, Ken recommending Fringe again, Barney Miller, sitcom books, James Garner, Lilly Tomlin specials, punk rock scare media, Jodie Foster, teen pimps, Captain Kirk the other one, the world's most incredible Maxipad ad, and the magic that is David Horowitz's FIGHT BACK!