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TV Guidance Counselor Podcast

May 23, 2022

After more than 8 years of doing the show Ken finally speaks to a beloved member of the SCTV cast as he welcomes, writer, producer, actor, and director, Dave Thomas to the show.

Ken and Dave discuss growing up in Durham, NC in the 1950s despite being Canadian, Tex and Edna Boyle's Organ Emporium, giving away free pets with purchases, buying cowboy guns and becoming an arms dealer in the eyes of the Canadian government, working in Radio, Rick Moranis, Westerns, TV theme songs, the explosion of advertising jingles, working for the college newspaper, the Godspell production that changed comedy forever, running the Coca-Cola account, King of Kensington, Second City, SCTV, going to college with Doug Henning, CBC Radio, Tim Conway, writing jingles, leaving a high paying job for a career in the arts, working in ads, selling TV shows, Harvey K-Tel, SCTV Network 90, being the head writer, careers from match books, Brandon Tartikof, the birth of Bob and Doug McKenzie, three minute segments, anonymous writers, John Candy, producing your own wrap arounds, realizing what people can do and encouraging it, the secret of SCTV's parodies, impressions of Spielberg, getting a letter from Spielberg, getting pushed by Richard Harris, directing "The Experts", B-Men, unkillable bikers, stunts, his new book The Many Lives of Jimmy Leighton and how everything is bullshit in the best way.