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TV Guidance Counselor Podcast

May 9, 2022

June 13-19, 1992

This week Ken welcomes the "Mike" of the Adventures of Danny and Mike and the "Big" of The Adventures of Pete and Pete himself, Michael C. Maronna.

Ken and Mike discuss Italian foods, mutual love of seltzer, Galco's Soda Pop Stop, Yelp Reviews,  adult businesses, assimilation, movies with popular soundtracks and eh movies, Judgement Night, The Bodyguard, The Bill Chill, SFW, SLC Punk, Frankenguitars, a love of solder, Nebraska, Los Punks: The Documentary, the music on Pete and Pete, Boston, MTV, Nickelodeon, Katherine Dieckmann, Kate Peirson, LL Cool J, Iggy Pop, King Kongs made of Legos, Hawaiian Punch, toilet paper commercials, being IN the TV Guide you picked, Bob Saget, single Dads, divorced Dads, Wayne's World, Repo Man, our punk rock awakening, What Reba watches, the name "Narvel", creepy LA Gear commercials, British Knights, Space Camp, Double Dare, how John Madden would be the pitch man for just about anything, Dream On, Lorenzo Lamas hosting Evening at the Improv, Quantum Leap, reality TV, Morton Downey Jr, The A-Team, the Gilmore Girls spin off that never happened, the Pete and Pete finale, Mickey Rooney, The Hollywood Museum, correcting people on the name of the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade, Ed O'Neil, The French Connection, To Live and Die in LA, The Choice Hotels International Special Presentation of Batman Returns: The Bat, The Cat and the Penguin hosted by Robert Urich, Jason Priestly, "Teen Priest", the weirdest episode ever of Drexel's Class, The Driver, how weird Bruce Dern can be, The Home Alone reunion, the secret origins of Snow Day, Chris Koch, the Sony Watchman, Swamp Thing, roller skating parties, not ever roller blading despite your character being fingered for a murder due to roller blading, the helmet panic, what to show your kids, moving from in front of the camera to behind it and vice versa, and paying Thundercats forward.