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TV Guidance Counselor Podcast

May 2, 2022

This week Ken welcomes writer, director and former Mr. Belvedere actor Rob Stone to the show.

Ken and Rob discuss how Ken has now had all THREE actors who played the kids on Mr. Belvedere on the show, Rob growing up in Dallas Texas, loving movies growing up, feeling a million miles away from the Entertainment industry, working in theater, not growing up in the business, wanting to be a stunt man, directing part I of the Mr. Belvedere finale, the family atmosphere on set, Bob Uker, the strange origins of Mr. Belvedere, Noam Pitlik, writing and directing short films, being fascinated with the behind the scenes. documentary films, The Blue Angels, going to USC, Very Special Episodes, doing a play every week, Facts of Life, 21 Jump Street, meeting guest stars, mid-season replacements, Jason Priestly, realizing later how important very special episodes were to the culture, having communal experiences, how the internet allows your kids to watch your most embarrassing moments, The Revenge of the Nerds pilot, Robbie Rist, Kay Lenz, The Infinity War of Sitcoms- Crash Course, BD Wong, one of the few things Rob didn't have to audition for, loving Family Ties, IMAX, the improving technology of filmmaking, how documentaries have become very mainstream, Filmmakers Journey, George Stevens, The Who in concert, being a drummer, Midnight Movies, The Sidewalk Motel, Max Weinberg, getting Bruce Springsteen to donate a song to you, filming in the same studio as It's Gary Shandling's Show!, Dolly Parton's variety show, loving Henry Winkler, THE urban legend or not Mr. Belvedere question, having Doug Benson as a roommate and beating Lorenzo Lamas during the Battle of the Network Stars.