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TV Guidance Counselor Podcast

Apr 4, 2022

January 18 - 24, 1986

This week Ken welcomes the man behind the Toy Galaxy YouTube empire and fellow pop culture obsessed New Englander Dan Larson to the show.

Ken and Dan discuss how you can never leave New England, Night Court, NBC, Ken's broken Toaster Oven/TV Week theory, original artwork, Hulked out Teletubbies, How TV doesn't rot children's minds, the pitfalls and negatives of The Internet, IS IT CANON!?, Jim Henson, finding out that Piggy and Kermit are not actually married, A Muppet Family Christmas, Cigarette Ads, how Sprocket's owner is different in every country, The Temptations and sort of the Temptations, treating her like a lady, Bill Buckner, Red Sox Mascots, The San Diego Chicken, Gimme a Break, The Facts of Life, Stand Up Comedy, talent scouts, why America is too young to die, The Twilight Zone, Love Boat, Cherie being trapped in the refrigerator, not knowing CPT, teen pregnancies on Silver Spoons, pretending to be married in High School, Erin Grey, Amazing Stories, Tron with a gun, David Horowitz FIGHT BACK!, being held at gunpoint live on TV, The Prince of Bel-Air, short shorts, Mark Harmon, Club Med: The Movie, taping things, The Muppets A Celebration of 30 Years, A-Team, Moonlighting, Spenser for Hire, Amish people, MacGuyver, being a fan of old airplanes, avoiding Hot Air Balloons, Stewart Pankin, Not Necessarily The News, Rescue 911,  Divorce Court, Cosby Show, why Cheers and the Cheers-verse is the greatest ever, Wesley's Friend, AIDS on TV, kidnapping Danny Cooksey on Diff'rent Strokes, Simon LeBon in the deep blue sea and why all magicians are EVIL.