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TV Guidance Counselor Podcast

Jan 17, 2022

This week Ken welcomes long time friend, current host of the UncleBoi Show on YouTube ( and former Tommy Somerville, Tommy Hardy to the show.

Ken and Tommy discuss the great Northern exodus of the 90s Boston Punk scene to Salem, MA, selling punk records, The Smiths, how everyone craves love and attention, Ken's informal war with Glen Danzig, seltzers, Amerika!, Sweeps Week, being a reformed Republican, WWF LJN Figures, cigarette ads, Kraft, Cheese just CHEESE, having a babysitter, having cable in your room, Headbangers' Ball, Sidekicks, the 80s Martial Arts boom, how odd having Animotion's Obsession as the theme song for Saturday Night's Main Event was, cheap wrestling magazines, Killer Kowalski, The Boston Garden, Roddy Piper's status as a favored nation, Ravishing Rick Rude, Young Blood, Blue Collar Boston, internet trolls, 1947, Candid Camera, porno drive-in theaters, Medford, mobbed up Boston, Cheers, how perfect Cliff Clavin is, The Wizard, David Rapaport, Ken's dream of 1970s set Ghost Rider, how the fact that The Incredible Hulk TV series somehow worked gave us awful Marvel media for decades, Dr. Strange, Captain America, Reb Brown's Captain America, Wizard Magazine, Vertigo, Dark Horse Comics, the alternative universe where David Lynch makes Return of the Jedi and Fast Times at Ridgemont High, Dr. Fate, Mike Nesmith's television parts, DC Cab, TV56, Swamp Thing, It's Gary Shandling's Show, Alex Rocco, and the terrible way Johnny Carson treated the great Joan Rivers.