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TV Guidance Counselor Podcast

Jan 3, 2022

This week Ken welcomes writer/director/Box Mac co-host and Red Cow Entertainment Head Honcho Frankie Frain.

Ken and Frankie discuss how much Ken loves everything Frankie does, the shock that Ken and Frankie don't already know each other, Emerson College, making niche content, The Angry Video Game Nerd/Cinemassacre controversy, making feature films, getting interest in the content you make, growing up with strict parents, the first R Rated movie Frankie every saw, how Frankie's dad experiences films differently, getting hid hard by F Bombs, quality films you never want to see again, the shift of sitcoms to reality TV, The American Underdog experience, wanting to see the rich and famous fail, Barney Miller, Car 54, Where Are You?, Kate & Alley, Mad About You, Boys Meets World, TV38, how M*A*S*H was old man TV, surviving under the smelliest conditions, TV tapings, Kelsey Grammer's return to television, Ken's early days at MMTV Melrose Mass cable access TV, how Ken is Forrest Gump, meeting Fred Willard, how awful having viral Tweets is, Ricky Gervais, the power of not giving a damn, the weird pivot of the famous and infamous to try stand up comedy, how Children put your life in tatters, body horror, Box Mac Holiday parodies, MST3K, the power of the right font, how the identification of Tweens as a consumer group ruined multi-cam sitcoms, Children's TV, Bluey, dogs, the infamous AIDS episode of Mr. Belvedere "Wesley's Friend", the long strange fascinating journey of Alvin and Chipmonks, The Adventures of Pete & Pete, Adventure Time, Frankie's daughter throwing up in his face, encouraging children's interests, asking questions about production, how people react to being filmed now vs in the 1980s, All in the Family, younger generations lack of historical knowledge of TV, why Friends is the Brady Bunch of Millennials/Gen Z, how great Molly Hagan is, the greatness of Frankie's muse John Hunt, the importance of sincerity, trying too hard, and the comfort we can provide with the content we make.