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TV Guidance Counselor Podcast

Jul 5, 2021

October 17-23, 1998

This week Ken welcomes writer, voice over royalty and fellow latch key New Englander Sarah Sweeney to the show.

Ken and Sarah discuss NYC, soul sucking, Providence, 24 hours emotional support food, Halloween, the 1998 Clinton Scandal, pre-cogs, horoscopes, Warped Tour, Suffolk Downs, betting on horses, Ken's annoying red phone, trying to get deals on cable, chained to bundles, getting a ton of v/o work, notable stuff you can't talk about, having never seen a Farrley Brothers movie, Brotherhood, where does Ally McBeal take place, Boston Public, Boston Legal, The Amazing Randi, Co-Star, weird tangents, smoking while voting, Scream, My So-Called Life, how great Senta Moses is, Angela Chase, Breaking Away, spending the Summer watching the movies you should have seen, Sammo Hung, America's Night of Heroes, Walker Texas Ranger, Chuck is his character, being extremely hot, XTREME sports, SOF: Special Ops Force with Dennis Rodman, Sister Sister, A Will of their Own, Victorian Times, Dharma and Greg, Joanna Kerns, Hallmark movies, working at Sci-Fi, Mad About You, Ken's Fraiser issues, being a smart mean kid, being better than this, the dehumanization of the 21st Century, the dissolution of decorum, the invention of 'tweens, marketing, ratings, Anne with an E, The Nanny, Conventions, scarred by ER, The Pee Wee Herman Show, Sabrina the Teenage Witch, Great American Drama, and the future of Limited Run Series.