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TV Guidance Counselor Podcast

Apr 14, 2021

This week Ken welcomes Kliph Nesteroff back to the show to discuss his new book "We Had a Little Real Estate Problem", in addition Ken welcomes one of the subjects of the book, Native American comedian Jon Roberts.

Ken, Kliph and Jon discuss Dave Evans, Will Rogers, Native American representation in media, Musso Frank, Red Lake Nation, scaring your own kids, never meeting a man you didn't like, Wrestling, having very limited channels, Eddie Murphy, Dukes of Hazard, I Love Lucy, Seinfeld, stereotypes, Canada's Residential Schools, Rutherford Falls, journalism, Roseanne, Dennis Wolfberg, stand up on TV, age appropriate comedy, how hard life is on a reservation, being isolated, the wide variety of native comedy, Buddy Bigmountain, Westerns, casinos, new cliches, how eye opening seeing somebody get laughs can be, racist Boston, dehumanizing, colonialism, coping with tragedy through humor, Thanksgiving, Elizabeth Warren, Charlie Hill, Pow wows, weird old man shows, Mad About You, GI Joe, Refrigerator Perry, being inspired by Hulk Hogan, and the importance of representation.