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TV Guidance Counselor Podcast

Apr 5, 2021

Today Ken welcomes RTE broadcaster, Dublin resident and Try Channel Allstar Callyann Brennan to the show.

Ken and Callyann discuss being exciting, being in the future, middle child syndrome, how twins count as one person, the beauty of VHS tapes, Saved by the Bell, visiting NYC, J-Lo's booty bench from Maid in Manhattan, taking a solo horse carriage ride in Central Park, cannolis, Los Angeles, Ice Cream Trucks, Seth McFarlane's albums, The Big Big Movie, Jaws, Orcas, Whale Watches, Free Willy, RTE, darts, Snooker, Sunday TV, growing up with a father who tests ice cream flavors, immunity from brain freeze, keeping the ocean for yourself, Father Ted, The Nanny, Made for-TV Movies, Fair City, being on the soaps, things looking bigger on TV, Home and Away, covering everything in gravy, Neighbors, Dads getting into soaps, understanding Friends, how Seinfeld didn't do anything in Ireland, Baywatch, OJ's "If I Did It", the greatness of Judge Judy and how Friday in Ireland is all about The Late Late Show.