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TV Guidance Counselor Podcast

Mar 3, 2021


In this special BONUS! Episode Ken welcomes writer of such amazing fare as Bill & Ted, Men in Black, and Laverne and Shirly, the fantastic Ed Solomon.

Ken and Ed discuss being plagued by Ed Sullivan, Paul Lynde, the lie of Hollywood Squares, 1972, Laverne and Shirley, the Big Ragu, scars, forgetting the 1950s, college finals, cryogenics, eating yourself, Alive!, cutting out syllables to save time, failure, how Ed is NOT the Night Stalker despite being the Prime Suspect for a moment, Punky Brewster, meditation, "nap time", cocaine, legal advice, entrapment, the long game, improv, It's Gary Shandlings Show, making story from a truth vs a gag, not breaking your own rules, time travel, tubes, stumbling into deconstructive inspiration due to ignorance, embracing ideas, genre, noir, Gary Shandling, Mike Nesmith, wearing a costume, mustaches, Yosemite Sam, Ken's cape wearing, desperately wanting David Cassidy hair, and realizing that you and your curly hair are the actual magic the whole time.