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TV Guidance Counselor Podcast

Dec 21, 2020

November 9-15, 2002

This week Ken welcomes fellow New Englander, Mortified alum and author Tony Pacitti.

Ken and Tony discuss cheating, Spanish, Rhode Island cuisine, Italy, diners, the 2000s, smoking Marlboros, James Bond, boobs, Christ in New York, Rocket Scientists, JFK, According to Jim, the Big of her Front, kids feeling up women, Bruce Lee knives, Battlebots, Dom Joly's Trigger Happy TV, Good Eats, Rocket Man, peeing into boots, Charmed, Angel, cutting Invasion of the Body Snatcher twice, Alias, Home Movies, TNN, Spike, Star Trek the Next Generation, WWE RAW, Russian versions of US Sitcoms, Behind the Music, E! True Hollywood Stories, Hocus Pocus, Anna Nicole Smith, the five night chronological version of The Godfather, The Sopranos, The Tick, Birds of Prey, Scrubs, Spin City, Crossing Jordan, Providence, History's DVR driven memory hole, Who's Line Is It Anyway?, John Doe, guessing late night talk show hosts jokes and hanging out with the Son of Sam to understand the DC Sniper.