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TV Guidance Counselor Podcast

Sep 21, 2020

June 1-7, 1968

This week Ken talks to former actor, producer, current investment banker and long time good dude Scott Valentine.

Ken and Scott talk about Ken moving to L.A., Scott moving back to New York, Scott's true love, climate change, when Scott got run over by a truck, Knight Rider, Family Ties, The Art of Being Nick, the cast of Family Ties, working with smart people, the best sitcom lines, not being no Charles Bronson, visiting the Smokey Mountains, Ginger vs. Maryanne, Raymond Burr, facing Andy Griffith while wearing tight leather pants, Petticoat Junction, My Demon Lover, Pizzatskis, movie acting, being on the stage, being blamed for film failure, The Actor starring Alec Guinness, voice over, Phantom 2040, The DC Animated Universe, Rob Paulsen: Good Dude, entitled actors, coke heads, being caught in a battle between Gary David Goldberg and Brandon Tartikoff, Aaron Spelling hating you, awful executives, becoming a producer, Maverick Pictures, being incredibly lucky, a life well lived, working with Melissa Gilbert, real heroes, digging ditches, The Killing Fields, actors without range, being method, meeting Al Pacino, Bridge on the River Kwai, striving for realism, how art should make us better people, shock humor, Twister, Pierce Brosnon, meeting a killer, The Thomas Crowne Affair, Billy Bob Thornton and Harvey Weinstein's slap fight, knocking out Weinstein, why there is never a good reason to belittle somebody, working people, your kids not being interested in y our work, mean spirited comedy, Steven Wright, Fosse, how great Sam Rockwell is, Restored, and Scott's very nice compliments.