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TV Guidance Counselor Podcast

Aug 17, 2020

August 2-8, 1975

This week Ken welcomes actor, writer, director and all around good dude D.B. Sweeney to the show.

Ken and D.B. discuss enjoying the depth of TV Guide listings, growing up as townies in Long Island, when Spenser for Hire is your first day in show business, befriending Robert Urich, Lonesome Dove, being a Red Sox fan in Long Island, Billy's Triple Crown, Mary Tyler Moore vs. Emergency, Randolph Mantooth, Dead Martin and Jerry Lewis, being a comedy guy, playing real people, 8 Men Out, Gardens of Stone, Two and a Half Men, being a hocky dad, the greatness of Jon Cryer, Art Carney: Santa Claus, aliens, Rat Patrol, S.W.A.T., missing out on meeting John Houston, Peter Falk, Ireland, being mistaken for an IRA money runner, Roommates, how Hollywood changes the source material, how difficult Romantic Comedy is, The Cutting Edge, Chiller Theater, Thriller, The Saint, taking a swing at M*A*S*H via Family Guy, Good Times, old time song and dance men, variety shows, offending Tony Orlando, procedurals, Strange Luck, Harsh Realm, Karl Malden, defective detectives, good hair, Mannex, George C. Scott, making other actors better, Sean Astin, Two Dum Micks, Fire in the Sky, Almost Anything Goes, stunts, Sanford and Son, Dolemite, the greatness of James Garner, Ed Harris, Two Tickets to Paradise, being gracious to fans, and Paul Newman buying you a Coke.