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TV Guidance Counselor Podcast

Aug 10, 2020

October 19-25, 1996

This week Ken welcomes journalist, writer and fellow former New England punk teen Gabrielle Moss.

Ken and Gaby discuss good microphones, how people no longer care about quality, Connecticut, War Pigs, where bands play, 1996, BYOTVG, Gargoyles, Are You Afraid of the Dark?, Brooke Shields, Sexy Babies, Townies, Halloween costumes, depression fueled nostalgia, TV novelizations, Alex Mac, Claire Danes, The Wrong Devon, My So-Called Life Goes On, Pasadena shooting locations, avoiding Prime Time, syndicated anthology horror, The New Twilight Zone, X-Men, Bobby's World, the less popular Stephen King movies, WPIX, Tales from the Darkside, Glim Glim, Monsters, New Kids on the Block, Baywatch Nights, Dark Skies, Weird Science, a life of The Simpsons, Blue Rodeo, Unsolved Mysteries, The Warrens, haunted bunk beds, being born to write for Beach Patrol, MTV's House of Style, Home Improvement, Homeboys in Outer Space, Wings, Third Rock from the Sun, Boston Common, Townies accent issues, how Friends is the new Brady Bunch, a generation without a mass extinction event, an aging Seinfeld, Winnie the Pooh Halloween, Halloween goblins, tall people walking in ditches, hating corporate synergy, and local TV racism.