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TV Guidance Counselor Podcast

Feb 14, 2022

This week Ken welcomes back to the show comedian, and haver of new album "Beach Trash", Valerie Tosi to the show. Ken and Val discuss the last time they recorded, the green room of Laugh Boston, Ken's Fried Fluffenutter Sundae, carbo loading, being in the marching band, pasta shapes, trashy American-Ethnic foods, UMASS Amherst, Friday Night Party, songs called "Valerie", Reel Big Fish, people who don't know you did comedy, The Hampton Beach Casino Ballroom, opening for Bob Saget, descramblers, The Victoria's Secret Fashion Show, The Bachelor, The US remake of the UK rip off of the US show Friends "Coupling", how there will never ben a successful US remake of The Office, Missy Elliot, Veruca Salt getting bumped from their second SNL song by Sting, The Craft, Charmed, getting fingered at the movies, being one of those Hocus Pocus people, loving Las Vegas, Kidssongs, Ken's loud cat, why all videos should be on hayrides, strings in Toxic, Dwayne Barry on the X-Files, being WB Hot, feeling old, 8 Simple Rules, the old Queer Eye vs the new Queer Eye, Hoarders, cats that shit everywhere, not going to the third floor, carpet squares, King of Queens, Angel, being presented in a letterbox format, sexy Broadway, sexy ads, US Weekly, Tru Calling, Will and Grace, how great Eric McCormick is, Free Enterprise, time travel movies, lost Comedy Central presents stand up specials and killing Conan.