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TV Guidance Counselor Podcast

May 18, 2020

This week Ken continues the Global Pandemic Sessions with a belated chat with actor, writer, producer Stephanie Erb.

Ken and Stephanie discuss being a jobbing actor, the unfriendly world of stand up comedy, improv, Therapy with Pami, playing a slutty babysitter on Unsolved Mysteries, being Spock's girlfriend, growing up loving Star Trek, appearing on Star Trek the Next Generation, being judged, taping Star Trek on audio tapes as a kid, crushing on Leonard Nimoy, kissing carpets, why Boston accents are Vulcan cannon, copying Patrick Stewart, making dreams come true, not being able to watch yourself, being humble, how hard it is to get a gig, blue collar acting, being a character actor, Peter Weir's Fearless, Jeff Bridges, theater, multi-cam sitcoms, creepy messages from Two and a Half Men, why Jon Cryer is great, the boring world of procedural dramas, making your own content, re-investing in yourself, the uncharted world of media in 2020, ABCD Roles (Anybody Can Do It), when theater goes away, working with Tom Hanks on The Naked Truth, wanting to marry David Tennant, wanting to play a glamorous badass, nerdy roles, why being pre-med makes you like playing Doctors, jargon, and keeping your bug stomping shoes from Starship Troopers.