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TV Guidance Counselor Podcast

May 11, 2020

September 19-25, 2004

This week Ken continues the remote sessions as he welcomes comedian, adult performer and vintage Care Bears collector Kate Kennedy to the show.

Ken and Kate discuss temperatures, The Valley, growing up in Colorado, Artisinal Pornography in Portland Oregon, militant vegan strip clubs, pop up Pirate Restaurants, Colorado conservatism, OM, South Park, Denver Comic Con, the mile high can't breathe club, stopping the culture clock in the early 90s, growing up sheltered from modern times, pirating Skins onto your video iPod, being a teenage booze distributor, why nerdy teens love SNL, getting started in stand up because your first onscreen anal is canceled, loving Cheers and Jeers, growing up in a DirectTV Household, Weekend Update, depression, why you don't need to suffer to be funny, seeing the cracks in the world, being socially awkward, validation, moving apartments, when TV Guide switched from starting on Saturdays to starting on Sunday, team Netflix vs. team Blockbuster, Harry Potter, lego, Antiques Roadshow, Tote Bags, This Old House, Unwrapped, weird mannequins in Ireland, factory tours, Gilmore Girls, renovation on a budget, indie movies, The Patriot Act, the start of the TSA, why Ken and Kate don't think people should trust them, Hamtaro, What Not to Wear, cowlicks, dressing down exactly like the person you are dating, the big Candy Expo, Turkish Delight, going on the Jessica Fletcher walking tour, mom and pop dungeons, snacks and S&M, getting kicked out of the Christian Grey apartment, orgies, never becoming President, the germ warfare of open mics, blacklisting and being the Marc Summers of porn.