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TV Guidance Counselor Podcast

Dec 15, 2019

December 29, 1979 - January 4, 1980

Today Ken welcomes fellow comedian Felicia Michaels to the show.

Ken and Felicia discuss B.Y.O.W., Burbank, The Liar's Club, people's nerves, Charlie's Angels, fashion photography, OJ Simpson, Encyclopedias, growing up in Germany, missing cultural TV references of the 50s-70s, the Farrah poster, the hair, Mustangs, being a Kate Jackson, innovative technology, answering machines, car phones, Triads, working at a strip club, Sam Kinison, videophones, Sony Watchmen, Blade Runner, Y2K, Grizzly Adams, growing up in Colorado, collecting lunch boxes, The Monkees, Magnum PI, Hee Haw, stand up on TV, Star Search Wet T-Shirt contests, lace fingerless gloves, 80s comics on cocaine, Love Boat, Fantasy Island, Barney Miller, Disney Sunday Night/Wonderful World of Disney, marine biology, dolphines, horseshoe crabs, Goldie and the Boxer, multi-show crossovers, Mork and Mindy, Blanford's Beauties, Happy Days, bringing things back on ice, seeing Robby Benson, being an extra, Fever Pitch, Dune Buggies, head shops, smoking pot, SNL, popcorn, Rocky Horror, Drive-Ins, and what to watch on New Year's Eve