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TV Guidance Counselor Podcast

Aug 1, 2019

It's BONUS! episode time. Here are two chats Ken had on Day 3 of Denver Pop Culture Con 2019.

First up is Michelle Gomez (Doctor Who, Sabrina).

Ken and Michelle discuss The Book Group, being surprised that you're funny, working in the trenches of acting, Green Wing, pretending to work in a hospital while you are in a real hospital, how public service jobs can drive you mad, playing Scottish, conjuring an American accent, moral ambiguity, Doctor Who, being The Master, ADR, playing the roles you're cast, Satanic elements, dealing with the Supernatural, being in The Tardis, Scottish snacks, the freedom of horror, Pride Month, Big Finish books, and embracing your well earned success.

Next up Ken chats to former guest of the show Jim Beaver (Deadwood, Supernatural). Ken and Jim discuss idjits, have an unending series of goodbye death scenes, Deadwood, Supernatural, ditch digging pranks, taking some time for yourself, writing, The George Reeves Book, why Life is Better When You're Alive, Dr. Pepper, the evolution of Bobby Singer, pranks vs. goofing around on the set of Supernatural, Psych, Longmire, knowing how to get shot, "Balls", re-visiting Laramine Wyoming, getting a phone call from Guillermo Del Toro, how emotional scenes can really drain you, Jim's favorite episode of Supernatural and why it's all about him.