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TV Guidance Counselor Podcast

Jun 3, 2019

November 2-9, 2001

This week Ken welcomes producer, director and all around coolest person Charlotte Stein to the show.

Ken and Charlotte discuss Harry Potter, Charlotte's TV Guide shoplifting, X-Files, cryptic spines, helping teach in Summers, Jeri Ryan, Star Trek, Philosophers vs. Sorcerers, King of the Hill, Sightings, Luke Wilson, Roshomon, Halloween, Butterfinger, The Simpsons, elaborate Trick or Treating rituals, costume changes, John Steed, The Avengers, inappropriate Catwoman costumes, The Faculty, USA vs. TBS, Friday the 13th Part 5, Savage Streets, New York Sleaze, cartoon C.O.P.S vs Cops, feeling mature, Jennifer Love Hewitt's "Let's Go Bang", Denise Richards, Wild Things, Kevin Bacon's bacon, Josh Hartnet's bedhead, Twin Peaks: Fire Walk With Me, Kiefer Sutherland in Dark City, The Blair Witch Project, Hammer vs. Tigon vs. Amicus, why Templars are for dorks, Eddie Furlong as Tracy Gold's husband, the Dog Soldiers formula, "Greeking", Blast from the Past vs. Pleasantville, Dave Foley, Millenium, Allie McBeal, Boston Public, David E. Kelly, when Ken ruined Crossing Jordan, Mad TV, Queer Eye, disliking Frank Sinatra, Eagleheart, everyone's favorite Nightmare on Elm St movie, candy based super powers, Greg Nicotero, not being into Mr. Boogedy, The Monroevill Mall, visiting your favorite filming locations, Hidden Camera comedy, Argento cuts, and the tv turmoil immediately after 9/11.