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TV Guidance Counselor Podcast

May 19, 2019

Today Ken welcomes actor Emma Dumont (The Gifted) to the show.

Ken and Emma discuss Emma's Golden Girls fandom, The Facts of Life, being a Jo, The Facts of Life reunion, loving private school uniforms, roller skates, RollerReid, Roller Derby, Whip It!, being very tall, getting good at something through sheer will and hard work, Ken's failure at practice, Magic, learning Mandarin, doing ballet in Russia, regional oddities, "bubblahs", Seattle, underground cities, being Shanghai'd, vintage airplanes, Brownie uniforms, James at 15, virginity loss on TV, NYC vs. LA, why Americans dress badly now, learning empathy, Eastland Academy, presenting disabilities on TV, Lisa Whelchel's christian dance pop album, sitcom tone, Very Special Episodes, the teenage prostitute FoL, Rose Red, Rock n Rollergames, American Gladiators, G.L.O.W., which FoL girl Ken is, weirdness about Jo's boyfriend, failed backdoor pilots, Pam Adlon, Nurses, spin off of spin offs, Jocko, America's obsession with Australia, Ken's crush on Sherrie (Austin) Krenn, Ten Little Indians, Maurice LaMarce as Rod Serling, tough girls, McKenzie Astin, "Sexy Lingerie", Lisa Whelchel's ventriloquism skills, bunheads, Poison Ivy, Alex Rocco, Jo's Dad, Betty White, TV's Bloopers and Practical Jokes, cool Summer jobs, Ken's job history, martial arts, Emma's quest for mystery robots at the end of an off brand Pinocchio tape, Will Wonka, being a diehard iPod owner, and the horrors of made for TV movies in the 90s.