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TV Guidance Counselor Podcast

Mar 4, 2019

This week Ken welcomes singer/songwriter Nellie McKay to the show.

Ken and Nellie discuss dogs, growing up in Harlem, warming yourself by the TV when the heating is turned off, David Letterman, subversive art, Conan O'Brien, Ferguson, the cutting edge on the internet, The Jimmy Dore Show, when comedy becomes the gatekeeper of the status quo, corporate overlords, Jimmy Fallon: Comedy Eunuch, Joan Rivers, leaning into viral content, cool music on TV, COPS, not watching TV shows about New York when you are actually IN New York, Catwoman, Batman '66, Eartha Kitt, Julie Newmar's cheese, your music being used in television, representation on TV, how money can corrupt, morality and humanity in art, the Telecommunications Act of 1996, State TV, fake news, commercials, reflective TV vs. aspiration TV, Roseanne, the conflict of entertaining and informing, Malcolm X's friendship with Red Foxx, the DIY Dream come to life, the comfort of money, lottery winners, accents, culture wars, Cheers, The Friends of Eddie Coyle, sports culture, Up the Down Staircase, homelessness, poverty, the wonder of old movies, William Shatner's music career, contrived popstars, Margaret Thatcher's self loathing, and everyone's grandmother's love of TV Guide crosswords.