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TV Guidance Counselor Podcast

Dec 2, 2018

September 26 - October 2, 1992

Today Ken welcomes comedian Selena Coppock.

Ken and Selena discuss the weird numbering system of Ken's street, lawless New Hampshire, Weston MA, Polar Seltzer, Jan from Toyota, being related to Batman, a family history of performance, 80s Times Square, Sting on Broadway, Guns and Roses, Vince Neil, country music, Garth Brooks, 38 Special, Revenge of the Nerds, Wayne's World, teen gross out comedy, transgender "Sisters", In Living Color, The L.A. Riots, why everyone hates Chevy Chase, late night middle of the road TV, stand up philosophy, Blossom, Joey, skiing, being super old in your 30s, Full House, Mr. Cooper, Roseanne, Coach, 9/11 trauma, Mr. Rogers, the Hail Bop Comet people, The Wonder Years, disliking Neil Patrick Harris, Brooks & Dunn, country dances, loving Ellen Cleghorne, Delta Burke, The Heights, how you talk to an angel, shoplifting, Letterman's hatred of cats.