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TV Guidance Counselor Podcast

Aug 6, 2018

Today Ken welcomes comedians, best friends and podcasters Rachael O'Brien and Sabrina Danzl to the show.

But FIRST TV Guidance Counselor Investigates returns and Ken explores the story of Mark Harmon: Real Life Hero.

Next Ken, Rachael and Sabrina discuss kneeing on rugs, going through glass windows, Ben Franklin, Boston's history of drunkenness, Dunks, Dunkabeties, sports, not caring, growing up in Astoria OR, being in Kindergarten Cop, the movie Plain Clothes. Cheers, a lifetime of not drinking, teenagers dumb choices, The D.A.R.E. program, skinheads, white power movements, punk rock, The Wonder Years, Little Monsters, being friends with the Savage Family, being on a plane with Winnie Cooper, checking Winnie's ID, confusing Al Pacino with Brett Michaels, 70s indulgences, Jim Jefferies, In Living Colour, Jim Henson, the horror of The Neverending Story, Salute Your Shorts, The Adventures of Pete & Pete, trying to get on All That!, being ethnically vague, the cruelty of kids, growing up a fat kid, rich kids, the early 00s obsession with pornography in comedies, reality TV, The Real World, being under surveillance, unusual eating regimes, food in Scotland, Haggis, Chris Farley, David Spade, Black Sheep and Tommy Boy, Police Academy, and watching things because your parents want to watch it.