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TV Guidance Counselor Podcast

Jun 4, 2018

Today Ken welcomes DJ, actor, writer, producer and all around legend Shadoe Stevens to the show.

Ken and the Shadoe discuss "Oofda", North Dakota, being a child DJ, the hell that is Boston, Mayor White, "Ya I saw it", Cabo Wabo radio, living in the future, DIY life, Federated, WRKO 680, Dave Garroway, being the youth correspondent, hosting "Gazebo", Steve Allen, re-writing the Thief of Baghdad, time travel, enraging fake psychics, theater of the Mind, American Top 40, being your friend in the void, KROQ, Hollywood Squares, Traxx, Max Monroe Loose Cannon, being the original host of The Midnight Special, Sam Kinison, Kentucky Fried Movie, turning down Airplane, drive time, your brain's predisposition to negativity, how sometimes things just work out, Dave's World, becoming a children's author, Atlanta, and how you never know who is watching your career.