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TV Guidance Counselor Podcast

Apr 25, 2018

April 18-24, 1998

In this episode recorded LIVE! at the 2018 Women in Comedy Festival Ken welcomes comedians Erin Maguire and Becca Brown to the show.

Ken, Erin and Becca discuss school scare programs, Prom Season, Ken hanging out in the teacher's lounge, Manic Panic, goth culture, rockabilly dresses, "The Interruption", Man Ray, Guy Fieri, Al Pacino, Ouja Boards, tarot cards, HBO, ghosts, creepy kids, The Entity, the conpeople who are The Warrens, School of Rock, pitching 50 Shades Darker, Golden Girls, actors we are scared of, Little Shop of Horrors, All That, Kablam!, SNICK, the perils of acting, wanting to see people fail, Parker Brothers, Disney movies, Behind the Music, The Gnome Mobile, Rock of Love, FM Radio, modern country music, being fooled by Christians, angry Boston mechanical bull riders, Kurt Russel, betting on when people will die, Elvis, Charo, The Surreal Life, NKOTB, Step By Step, The trumpet of a human being, Shelly Long, MeToo, The Cosby Show, posing nude, nipples, Soul Man, Gilda, Jane Curtain, ESPN2, Things to do in Devner when You're Dead, Eric Stoltz, The Olsen Twins, Papa Popadolopis, Troll 2, All Cried Out, Danny Wood's "dumb voice", and appearing on WHDH 7 Boston's "Ready to Go".