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TV Guidance Counselor Podcast

Apr 16, 2018

October 8-14, 1977

Today Ken welcomes actor, writer, director Ione Skye (Say Anything, River's Edge) to the show.

Ken and Ione discuss horses, filming Italian style, why comedy doesn't work on music festivals, The Muppet Show, watching things you don't like, Donny and Marie, opinionated children, River's Edge, supportive family, being a pop locker, River's Edge, being a space cadet, costume dramas, Napoleon, Covington Cross, female 60s super spies, In Like Flint, Love Boat, Fantasy Island, Gary Marshall shows, Natasha Kinski, Looney Toons, Bosom Buddies, directing, being an auteur, shadowing on three camera sitcoms, Jon Cryer, Barney Miller, loving claymation, Mr. Bill, hanging with Frank Zappa, Say Anything, Prank Shows, All in the Family, Good Times, how the Muppets can star strike you more than Mick Jagger can, 60s Music, The Beach Boys, nostalgia, Phil Donahue, lying about seeing Human Centipede, Hollywood High School, the Crown, Against Me music videos, short films, paying your dues, and how sometimes things just work out right.