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TV Guidance Counselor Podcast

Mar 27, 2018

Always Meet Your Heroes.

Today Ken welcomes writer, director, actor, Bonnie Hunt to the show.

Ken and Bonnie discuss horse roommates, the huge deal of TV Guide, The Building, George Clooney, being a story teller, Bonnie's status as the first woman to write and star in her own show, ignorant innovation, Cheers, heart, the importance of Character, Don Lake, Bonnie, Life with Bonnie, refusing to recast, Chicago, Second City, improv, shooting in real time, Grand, Davis Rules, Jonathan Winters, taking three days off from being a cancer nurse to act in Rain Man, the writer's room, turning down Designing Women, Audrey Meadows, The Honeymooners, blue collar shows, coming from a big family, the pop culture shift from co-dependents to independents, Frankie, defense mechanisms, three camera sitcoms, SCTV, John Candy, Only the Lonely, Martin Short, the power of taking your second thought, the medicinal power of laughter, Mad Magazine, Fernwood 2 Night, believing in your crew, creating a good work environment, why dogs are the best, Don Lake, hiring a ghost writing staff, advice from Carl Reiner, Easter eggs, Topo's, late night movies with mom, setting a tone, making responsible entertainment, musicals, hate watching, lazy TV, Danse Macabre, It, Get Out, Carol O'Connor, keeping the old guys in, the sadness of the dog in Return to Me, Norman Lear, All in the Family, One Day at a Time, how life can change in a moment, respect and power of sincerity.