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TV Guidance Counselor Podcast

Nov 7, 2017

June 12-18, 1999

Today Ken welcome authors, media personalities and best friends Gaby Dunn and Allison Raskin to the show.

Ken, Gaby and Allison discuss how busy everyone is, Ken's first meeting with Allison, hitting, weird parts of Boston, segregation, ethnic neighborhoods, fear of the turn of the Millennium, Y2K vs Billy Joel, Star Wars, found footage media, I Hate Everyone But You, Blair Witch Project, kicking a map, horror movies, The Thing, Growing Pains Leo, Splice, Joe Bob Briggs' #1 rule of horror, The Faculty, Stephen King's Danse Macabre, Ken's coffee covered Wonder Woman shirt, SpiceWorld, Eddie Murphy, how Ginger Spice led to a generation of bi-women, UK album charts, Willenium, falling off a horse, BMG, Martial Law, Walker Texas Ranger, NYPD Blue, Golden Girls, watching Zach and Mira with your mom, Dads and Sex In the City, watching Animal House with your Rabbi, All That, The Crow TV series, hypernesia, Marilu Henner, MTV's Undressed, the wonders of the movie "Freeway", Zoe Duncan Jack and Jane, Everybody Loves Raymond, Men of a Certain Age, arguing about who played Zombies in Night of the Living Dead, Friends of Eddie Coyle, how a folded vs rolled movie poster can tell you a lot, collecting comic books, taxidermy, Beaver Lamps, Spring Break, Florida, bikers vs frat dudes, Strangers with Candy, South Park, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, hating hi-fives, falling asleep during True Romance, Road Rules, awards shows, when Ricky Martin could fly, Jennifer Lopez's Waiting for Tonight, Spin City, Fraiser, loving David Hyde Pierce, being very badly hurt, aliens, and secret Bat Mitzvah themes.