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TV Guidance Counselor Podcast

Oct 17, 2017

May 30-June 5, 2004

Today Ken welcomes game designer, comedian and author Zoe Quinn.

Ken and Zoe talk about Starbucks, logs with jobs, growing up in a motorcycle shop, being old beyond your childhood, wolfmen, monsters, deep nerd technicalities, Dungeon Masters, Teen Wolf, Michael J. Fox, Gillian Anderson, growing up in rural New York, driving a $200 hillbilly car to Florida, Boomerang, feeling old, I Dream of Jeanie vs Bewitched, latch key kids, socializing on the internet, calling yourself in sick, racking up 900 number bills, Yahoo Pool, Net Zero discs, original Gameboy, things falling off a truck, the golden age of Mom and Pop Video Game instruction booklets, Kids in the Hall, moving to Toronto, Twitch City, Little Shop of Horrors, punk rock, Insomniac, Pawn Stars, hosting a travel show, the appeal of open world games, Comedy in Video Games, Fallout, Boston Open World Games, being mechanically inclined, deconstructing TV remotes, original Star Trek, Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, Teen Titans, comic books, Avery Brooks, world building, The Addams Family, Batman the Animated Series, X-Men, game recommendations, finding out you are the monster, Space Camp, Most Extreme Elimination Challenge vs. Takashi's Castle, trying too hard, wanting to be a comedian for free tomatoes, Last Comic Standing, Grant Morrison, and the long strange history of Spider-Man movies.