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TV Guidance Counselor Podcast

Oct 5, 2017

In this episode recorded live at Denver Comic Con Ken welcomes Garrett Wang (Star Trek Voyager) to the show.

Ken and Garrett discuss George Takai, DragonCon, going from fan to being the head of TrekTrack, CosPlay, Miss Star Trek Universe, Ensign Kim, Rich Little, being an impressionist, Kate Mulgrew, loving Star Wars, LL Cool JJ "martinating", UPN, being kept from the bathroom, stealing stuff from the set, having second hand Data clothes, other people owning your uniform, games played on set, how Tim Russ is a real life Vulcan, training to press buttons, seeing the worst episode of Star Trek The Next Generation over and over again, All American Girl, Asians on US TV, James Hong, why he never got a promotion on Star Trek, Handsome Kim, a history of failed relationships, farting the original Star Trek theme, and being dumbfounded by Sigourney Weaver.