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TV Guidance Counselor Podcast

Aug 29, 2017

June 19 - 25, 1999

Today Ken welcomes podcaster and comedian Kenice Mobley to the show.

Kenice and Ken discuss Oak Grove's Eastern Block aesthetic, the beige age, Charlotte North Carolina, Sleep Walk peeing, Secret restaurants, going into production, "Bougie", Ken's incredible whiteness, Dawson's Creek, racism, racism, dead dogs, 1999 vs. 2004, being an identical twin, Sister Sister, hunting Nazis, Brazilian twin villages, family  meals, Rugrats, SNICK, All That!, Marshall Law staring Sammo Hung, teaching Arsenio Hall Kung Fu, Hurricanes, waiving a sportspass, Mya vs. Aayliah, Behind the Music, E! True Hollywood Stories, TNT's Priates of Silicon Valley, how hoodies can equal death, aglets, X-Files, That 80s Show, punk rock, High School Jock Culture, Columbine, Ally McBeal, mud wrestling, Yelp! Reviews of Adult Businesses, Third Rock from the Sun, Eliza Dushku, Newsradio, Spin City, Heather Locklear, blondes vs brunettes, X-Games, dicks, strong thighs, gymnasts, Sportsnight, My Father the Hero, Dawson's Creek, Annette Funicello, David Cassidy, meeting Matthew Perry, the wonders of studio lots, TRL, Will & Grace, The PJs, the wonders of children's weirdness, KABLAAM!, Unsolved Mysteries, and why looking at everything as a dark comedy is the right approach.