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TV Guidance Counselor Podcast

Aug 8, 2017

January 6-10, 1996

Today Ken welcomes actor, writer, comedian Langston Kerman to the show.

Ken and Langston discuss Ken's weird house, RC Cola and Moon Pies, health drinks, white people MacGuyvering things to get high and things to have sex with, pranks, teenage fight clubs, school suspensions, The Green Day Riots, poetry, Jesse Jackson, Tito, 1995's Top 10 Performers, Chicago, OJ, ER, Keith Olberman, Fraiser, 10 Shows that Clicked, Seinfeld, writing for the Oscars, Chris Rock, aliens, how Langston became Language, Dragon Ball Z, stand up, In Living Colour, The Wayne's Brothers, Blaxploitation, Mad TV, Ellen, working with Larry David, Blake Clark, Ghosts, Boy Meets World, pretending to be Derek Rose, suburban teenager danger, and getting jumped.