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TV Guidance Counselor Podcast

Aug 15, 2017

Today Ken welcomes writer, actor Steve Bannos (Freaks & Geeks) to the show.

Ken and Steve discuss their mutual collecting bug, Flea Markets, Brimfield, Boston in the 80s, stand up comedy, Chicago, Mark of the Devil Barf Bags, The Combat Zone, TV Wheel, Judd Apatow, Night After Night with Alan Havey, The Higgins Boys and Gruber, Greek fry cooks, Gyros, Paul Feig, "The Ranch", Freaks & Geeks, the missing Missing Bus script, 7 Minutes in Heaven, rigging spin the bottle, Meet the Applegates, working in the art department, Zapped II, Linda Blair, carrying the cross on Madonna's Like a Prayer, Mary Lambert, 80s coke sets, Dana Gould, horror hosts, Svenghouli, Channel 32, growing up a make up geek, Planet of the Apes, when Mr. Rogers hulked out, Rebecca Staab, Doomed! The Roger Corman Fantastic Four movie, regrettable roles, keeping your shirt on, Ghostbusters, Garfield Goose, Wacky Races, Fraiser Thomas, Looney Toons, a TV education, Night Flight, Marvel Monsters, Tremors, being haunted by the Exorcist without having seen it, writing tag lines for movies, Percy Rodriguez, making the poster, a 70s set Ghost Rider movie, structured family TV time, watching TV during dinner, stealing from Vaudeville, reality TV writers, how it's painful sometimes to watch comedies, and loving James Franco.