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TV Guidance Counselor Podcast

Jul 10, 2017

April 17-23, 1982

Today Ken welcomes comedian, author and fellow Bostonian Jen Kirkman to the show.

Ken and Jen discuss Jen's awe at Ken's west coast TV Guide collection, being torn between two issues, Ripped from the Headlines, AIDS, The Day After, Red Dawn, unsupportive terrifying fathers, Happy Days, being a defacto only child, bus station TVs, listening to TV on the radio, making audio tapes of Moonlighting, Back to the Beach, The Brady Bunch house, The Love Boat, high fashion on the high seas, Halston, The Mandrell Sisters, the final years of Variety, Boston Lies, James at 15, Spenser for Hire, special kids on Highway to Heaven, Jen's Mother's mistrust of Michael Landon, punk rock scare shows, ChPs, sitting in a tent at the beach, One Day at a Time, kids cooking shows, Alice, living the dream waiting tables in a diner, having a maid, Today's FBI, Ballet, Ken's ignorance of Mikhail Baryshnikov, Gov Weld defunding mental health facilities, The Reagans' war against the arts, Gary Marshall Night, female heart-throbs, Joanie Loves Chachi, when the 50s turn into the 70s, Laverne & Shirley, The Big Ragu's Lowell beginnings, Boy George Make A Wish, Three's Company, pretending Joyce DeWitt is your finance, The Too Close for Comfort rape episode, the mystery of "Pee Pee People", being jealous of Kids Incorporated, Facts of Life, loving Alicia Witt, Grandma's loving a mustache, Diff'rent Stroke, Danny Glover on Gimme a Break, the sadness of Friday Nights and why 2017 does not deserve guest stars.