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TV Guidance Counselor Podcast

Jul 4, 2017

March 25-31, 1978

Today Ken welcomes actor, filmmaker Stacey Travis (Hardware, Earth Girls are Easy, Ghostworld) to the show.

Ken and Stacey discuss dog withdrawals, CBS Turning 50, The Partridge Family, Little House on the Prairie, Sanford & Son, Dallas, The Brady Bunch, Good Times, Maude, All in the Family, sometimes having enough of children's entertainment, Hardware, Dream On, embarrassing your children, The Naked Truth, Seinfeld, studying acting in London, Earth Girls are Easy, Julie Brown, having a stand up comedian as an older brother, Just Say Julie, Allee Willis, Lucille Ball, Mary Tyler Moore, Chicago Hope, Picket Fences, Man of La Mancha, going to film school, Lukas Haas, Bewitched, I Dream of Jeanie, not judging people for having a bad day, never getting on the West Wing, Desperate Housewives, Eddie Albert, Green Acres, meeting Dick Van Dyke, sticking with shows long after you probably should, losing your regional accent, Diary of a Wimpy Kid, when your heroes become your rivals, child actors, Good Luck Charlie, loving Elvis movies, wiping tapes, and hunting down rare Carol Lombard movies.