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TV Guidance Counselor Podcast

Feb 16, 2017

Today Ken welcomes writer, producer, director, actor Rose McGowan to the show.

Ken and Rose discuss "The Californians", the upcoming Apocalypse, growing up in the Adams Family, Italian Culture vs. American "culture", big families, vomit stories, the footwear of backwoods Oregon, being discovered while looking at butts, revival houses, Lawrence of Arabia, classic Hollywood cinema, having an Uncle who owns a video store, C.H.U.D., The Parent Trap, Hollywood child actors, never getting to be yourself, desensitization from horror, Conan the Barbarian, the relationship between comedy and horror, thinking about the effect your work has on the world, the stupidity of men in Hollywood, awful Bro-Frat Boys running things, hack lite, Hollywood not knowing what to do with you, fighting to be creative in a business, sincerity in art, Lonesome Dove, event Television, media based on books, Tiger attacks on Circus of the Stars, Idiocracy, Made for TV movies, turning things down, Charmed, "V", the long gone days of actual Liberal Hollywood, the killing of Cinema, Rose's movie "Dawn", BBC, The Lobster, the lack of rogues and renegades, why one should have a landline for 9-1-1, movie taglines, Planet Terror, opening lines of novels, Electric Boogaloo, Cannon Pictures, and why everyone should by Robert Evans' The Kid Stays in the Picture as an audio book.