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TV Guidance Counselor Podcast

Feb 3, 2017

September 16-22, 1995

Today Ken welcomes incredibly talented comedian, fake song Friday musician, and Old School Game Show utility player Nick Chambers to the show.

Ken and Nick discuss the White Nick Chambers, Mark Harmon, Worcester's Mid-Town Mall, local television jingles, Mom and Pop Amusement Parks, why Judith Light means bargains, Boston knee surgery, Church, 7th Day Adventists, frozen juice concentrate, Forest Gump math, David Allan Grier, Tea Leoni in The Naked Truth, short pitches, Fall Previews, New York Undercover, Full Boss aka Hudson Street, The Kennedys, ER with Journalists, vaguely racist television, Boku, White Grape Juice, Ellen Claghorne, SNICK, Alex Mack, Fire on the Fresh Prince, growing up vegetarian, Killer Bee Honey, All That!, Cybill, Kung Fu The Legend Continues, Peanut Butter Popcorn, Rockwell's Obscene Phone Caller, Disney, getting lost, London Underground, Home Improvement, UPN, Tina Turner, The 7 Ups, why Robert Townsend is amazing, The Wayans Bros, Voodoo, and the shocking revelation of Gerbert.