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TV Guidance Counselor Podcast

Jan 5, 2017

Recorded LIVE! at NorthEast Comic Con

Today Ken welcomes Gerald Casale and Josh 2.0 from the band Devo to the show. Ken, Jerry and Josh discuss forsaking being a Hippie at Kent State, the origins of the theory of Devolution, Mid-Century Low Culture, art movements, growing into a dystopian stupidity, pop sci-fi, Night Flight, The Complete Truth about De-Evolution, Duck and Cover, growing a Catholic Heretic, Fridays, Saturday Night Live, Andy Kaufman, pioneering music videos, wanting to put out a Video Disc a year, Ohio, Pioneer Laserdiscs, taking time to develop, Heavy Metal, Working in a Coal Mine, Satisfaction, becoming a pop act, Whip It, living in The Right Stuff, early days of MTV, directing videos for the Cars and Klymaxx, censorship, Jane Sibbery and her cow's udders, She-Bop, the French Fry and the Donut, Rage Against the Machine's Beautiful World, working with the Funk Investigators, modern remakes of Devo videos, why telling the truth makes you a target, what the "end game" is, the devaluation of cultural capital, appearing on Square Pegs, Neil Young's Human Highway, how Josh got into Devo, stage battle scars, the dangers of playing Uncontrollable Urge, Brian Eno, Oblique Strategies, waiting for David Bowie, Weird Al's Dare to be Stupid, and creating ideas for the universe.