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TV Guidance Counselor Podcast

Dec 22, 2016

Today Ken welcomes actor Donovan Scott (Police Academy, Popeye, Sheena) to the show.

Ken and Donovan discuss California weather, Robin Hood, San Francisco, playing as a kid, why Saturday was the best day, cartoons, Popeye, The Little Rascals, Laurel and Hardy, Lassie, Fury, The Wonderful World of Disney, a life in the theater, variety shows, Zen Boogie, Red Skelton, physical comedy, Martha Ray, drinking with Martha Ray in Vietnam, the Navy, Jimmy Stewart, Mary Tyler Moore, Lynda Carter's two big specials, Faerie Tail Theater, Lily Tomlin, The Incredible Shrinking Woman, being an early VHS adopter, Better Midler, 1941 with Steven Spielberg, X-Files, Alakazam the Great, Frankie Avalon, a love of Christmas specials, playing Santa, Mr. MaGoo, The Bishop's Wife, the TV vs Movie actor divide, Shelley Duvall, Robert Altman's Popeye, Robin Williams, South American Top Cat, playing the moon, Lou Costello, Tatum O'Neal, Zorro The Gay Blade, Police Academy, Sheena, Marc Singer in V, children's cartoons based on R rated movies, Savannah Smiles, Mark Miller, Life with Lucy, Lucille Ball, Maui, directing movies in Soviet Russia, fighting a woman over a toilet seat, being dubbed in a foreign language, Night of the Meek, being a modern day Art Carney, Miracle on 34th St, Santa Claus the Movie, a love of Sci-Fi, Stranger Things, Fringe, Star Trek, Babylon 5, Homeboys in Outer Space, Buster Keaton, and working with animals.