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TV Guidance Counselor Podcast

Sep 7, 2016

March 15-21, 1997

Today Ken welcomes comedian and loyal listener Ryan Shores tothe show.

Ken and Ryan discuss Ken's "Very Special Episode" One man showfrom 2008, Mr. Belvedere, AIDS, The Hogan Family, Orange County,Goosebumps, Elmo, Wishbone, America's Most Ticklish Toddler, MMA,ESPN 2 Strongest Man in the World Competitions, America's MostWanted, COPS, Scottish Fiddle, Joe Dante's Second Civil War, I LoveLucy, Tales from the Crypt, Howling II, boobs, strange extinctAustralian animals, sadness over the Tasmanian Tiger, Shark Nerds,Beatlejuice the cartoon, 3rd Rock from the Sun, celebratingmediocrity, Glen Danzig, X-Files, Odd Couple, calling Ken out, WWF,James Remar, St. Patrick's Day, Newhart, Secret World of Alex Mack,Unsolved Mysteries, Fraiser, Marlee Matlin, Baywatch Nights, JimCarey, Newsradio, Mad About You, Debi Mazar, Wings vs. Drew Carey,loving Amy Yasbeck, "the pickle chills", NCAA killing Seinfeld,Rocky, gambling life lessons, bookies at wakes, Brando, FamilyMatters, killer bikers, Millennium, Timmy Baterman, Pet Semetaryand the best Stephen King adaptations.