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TV Guidance Counselor Podcast

Aug 17, 2016

October 30 - November 5, 1993

Today Ken welcomes comedian and television writer M. Dickson tothe show.

Ken and M. discuss selling a show to Hollywood, writing a book,hair metal, New Jersey, coming from a Water Park family, meetingMichael Jackson, meeting a fake Michael Jackson, living a cablelatch key kid existence, Sesame Street. loving Jim Henson, MuppetTreasure Island, Dinosaurs, Rescue 911, Kiddie Pool birth,bloopers, The Olson Twins Halloween act outs, Halloween II, RichardMulligan, Empty Nest, Are You Afraid of the Dark?, PaulaPoundstone, Punky Brewster, Facts of Life, Aiding Designing Women,Kate & Allie, Instant Mom, Sister Act, fangs for the memories,The Simpsons, Fresh Prince, Ken's hatred of the Greek system,Telemovies, hating Baby Jessica, Blossom, The Coach Reboot, TheMayflower Madam, the forbidden fruit of Ren and Stimpy, The DelRubio Triplets, Hang Time, the superiority of Saved by the Bell TheNew Class, Kids Inc, California Dreams, Superstore, issues shows,John Larroquette Show, Action Jackson, Beverly Hills 90210, LittleRichard, Home Improvement, Jim Varney, Must See TV, Mad About You,the power of jokes, Roy from Wings, loving the X-Files hating theSightings, the Energizer Bunny, TGIF and real cops becoming fakecops and vice versa.