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TV Guidance Counselor Podcast

Aug 3, 2016

Today Ken welcomes husband and wife Rachel (writer, editorBoston Magazine) and Sean Slade (engineer & producer, Hole'sLive Through This, The Pixies, Radiohead's Creep) to the show.

Ken, Rachel and Sean discuss the love of musty attic smells,lack of smokers owning TV Guides, growing up in New York City andPhiladelphia respectively, going into the city, The Bijou in TimesSquare, silent films, Downtown Crossing, The Combat Zone, Woodstockthe Movie, secret tunnels, rejecting the suburbs, 60s TV, Wild WildWest, Land of the Lost, Jethro's acid trip, Sesame Street enticingyou to the city, living in a re-runs world. Bewitched, The BradyBunch, I Dream of Jeanie, The Monkees, never being able to go backafter Star Wars, The Million Dollar Movie, cute teenage boys asYouTube stars, Rache's 6-year-old complaint letters, Childhood TVTrauma, the fear of Snuffy, 70s horror novels, Sunday Night TVinduced depression, punk rock scare TV, Merv Griffin, Mike Dougles'street cred, kids today and their sampling culture, the lack ofhumor in pure re-creation, drowning in a sea of pop culture,re-visiting the Running Man, discovering The Room, The Return ofthe Midnight Movie phenomenon, TV Guide's technologicalpredictions, Eraserhead, Gas Station Television and why Boston onlyhas bests these days an no worsts.