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TV Guidance Counselor Podcast

Aug 10, 2016

Today Ken welcomes singer, actress Jill Schoelen to theshow.

Ken and Jill discuss growing up in the Valley, inexplicableaccents, growing up near Disney Studios, Encino, being discoveredin school, your kids hating your past work, Popcorn, recording inJamaica, inadvertent Scream Queen Status, Made-for-TV movies, Whena Stranger Calls Again, working with Ray Walston, The Stepfather,Mr. Ed, Emergency!, Julie London, commercials, Pizza Hut, Best ofTimes, Sarah, Little House on the Prairie, being directed byWilliam Shatner on TJ Hooker, Wes Craven's Chiller, the energy ofyouth, movies vs. music, Curse II: The Bite, Jamie Farr, having ahorror fan base when you're the opposite of horror, being toopretty for the Stepfather, Babes in Toyland, Robert England, ThePartridge Family, being fathered by Mannix, Robert Blake inHelltown, Pepper St., celebrity murder trials, Billionaire Boys'Club, and quitting acting during the OJ Simpson murder trial.